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Our Whiskey

Whiskey has been an American love affair for a long time. When Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase starting in 1804, they brought 120 gallons of whiskey with them. Unfortunately they ran out of whiskey before they made it back home, but lucky for them it was far enough away that the men couldn’t desert them. If they could have just found a supply of whiskey in the Dakotas… It only seemed fitting that we honor their expedition with our own versions of whiskey.

There are three key ingredients to whiskey, and sometimes a fourth. Whiskey is made from grains, and selecting the right grains is step one. The second key ingredient is American oak used for the barrels. The third key ingredient is water, and upper basin Missouri River water seems to work wonders with our selected grains and our oak barrels. The fourth item is time. Some of our whiskeys are excellent after only short periods of barrel maturation. Some of our whiskeys take their time getting to where they are headed. We don’t waste our time aging for aging sake once the correct flavor is achieved. We also don’t ruin a good drink by calling on her too soon.