Ringneck Vodka.

One thing we know for sure is that it is a better Vodka. Give us a taste, we think you will agree.  Remember, Better People Drink Responsibly.


Dakota Spirits | Ringneck Vodka

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To salute the bird that introduced our great state to soooo many visitors, we have created a premium vodka worthy of it's image: Ringneck Vodka.

Dakota Spirits Distillery | Ringneck VodkaLike its namesake, this vodka is the product of the grasslands habitat found here in the Midwest. Our simple recipe starts with sun ripened grains, fermented, and batch distilled in our copper still, leaving just a hint of the Midwest prairie origins.  We marry this spirit to naturally sand filtered water from the upper basin of the Missouri River.  Each small batch is distilled and refined until it is smooth enough to drink neat.

Most of our products take years to age.  This one is hatched and harvested in the same year.  Instant gratification, with a pure, clean taste.  It’s not just a good vodka, it’s a better vodka for a better drink.  Some might say it is a better vodka for better people, but we won’t be so quick to judge those with different tastes. One thing we know for sure is that it is a better vodka. Give us a taste, we think you will agree.

And, the bottle looks great too!  Look for us on the top shelf of your favorite retail location.  Please Remember, Better People Drink Ringneck Vodka Responsibly.